Based on high business and engineering ethics, professionalism, long-term cooperation.


Commited to provide our customers with qualified and high - value added manufactoring of metalworking machines.


We are making every effort to ensure the trust that we have earned and to further enhance of our service.



Cematek designs and produces metal working machinery,roll forming machinery-production lines for open profiles and petroleum machinery -equipment since 2005

CNC hydraulic press brakes especially in small sizes and capacities take  place within the scope of Metal Working Machinery that are preferred by our local customers as well as foreign customers

Roll forming machinery for building profiles initiated with angle bead machine which is flexible to produce expanded corner bead, perforated corner bead, depth gauge profile ,square hole corner beads.

Angle bead / corner bead lines were developed to produce plaster stops, architrave beads and control joint profiles, socle profiles for thermal insulation system as well as angle beads as angle beads.

Production lines for gypsumboard profiles designed and produced by CEMATEK allow producing different model and size of   profiles.

Ceiling U, C (UD, CD), Wall U, C (UW, CW)/ (STUD, TRACK), Omega (Furring Channel) ,Wall angle ,Main Channel  are produced in different sizes and at high speed. According to customers’ requirements, production lines could be STANDARD type (Conventional Mill), as well as CASSETTE type (Quick change) or for diverse basic sizes profiles DUBLEX type (Automatic opening -closing).

Meanwhile Combined Profile Production Line offers to our customer opportunity to produce on the same line gypsum board and corner bead profiles.

Tailored Machinery and Roll forming systems are among our production capabilities and under our brand design accordance with customer demand. The Lines for automatic industrial door profiles, supermarket shelfs, and perforated suspended metal ceiling tiles are tailored roll forming lines integrated with punching units.

Conventional petroleum pumping units, wireline units, drive head and mud stirrers are deisgned and produced by CEMATEK successfully.

At our own facility situated in BAŞKENT Industry Industry Area-Ankara, we produce exclusive and high-quality machinery with CE certification that are exported to 30 countries. We give to our customers confidence by best service with our experienced technicians and reliable dealers around the world.

Thus far we have come due to our social responsibilities, institutionalism and engineering ethics.


Our vision is based on high business and engineering ethics, professionalism as well as long term cooperation. We effort to maintain the confidence have gained against our employees, customers, suppliers and the government.


We produce innovative machines and production lines in order to enable our customers competitive.


Our aim is to have a reputable brand name in Turkey and international markets in machine building and to have high valued product.

It is also try to   have professional and personal development of our human resources hence  achieving social responsibility.





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